All strategians’ advisors are MBA qualified and have ‘real life’ experience. Our advisors have worked in other disciplines and bring a fresh perspective to the company when advising our clients.

We have contacts and research resources in Europe and Asia which keep us abreast of instant up-to-the-minute news. Our people know what’s going on in Europe and Asia because they live there!

We are constantly researching and examining what is going on globally. We carry out scenario testing based on facts and assumptions drawn from those facts to produce customized strategies for our clients.

We provide Fee-Only financial planning, investment advice, and investment management services.  Our goal is to provide oversight and guidance to our clients. We help our clients determine and achieve their financial objectives.

Strategian Inc provides non-discretionary asset management services to clients and does not act as a custodian of client assets. The client always maintains asset control.

We have no income or net worth minimums.  We can prepare complete financial plans, provide ongoing planning and investment management, or focus on just those issues that concern you the most, such as cash flow management or investment education.  Our clients enjoy the flexibility to engage us in just the level of services they need.

As Fee-Only financial planners and investment advisors, we avoid conflicts of interest by working solely for you.  We receive no compensation from third parties, such as mutual funds or insurance companies, and we do not sell any financial products.

We can help you make the most of what you have!