All our advisors are MBA qualified and have ‘real life’ experience. With over 25 years banking and investment planning experience in Europe and the USA, we can bring a truly international dimension to wealth management.

Our team has in-depth experience as investment managers who have started successful businesses and understand the process of wealth creation.

This means that we understand how important it is to get assets to work for you in achieving your financial objectives – we’ve been there ourselves!

Discipline – Trust through transparency


Our assets under management are on a non-discretionary basis and we do not hold custody of client funds. To us this removes many conflict of interest issues.

To us, investment strategy is very important to impart to our clients and the client makes the final decision. This is important in building trust through transparency – one of our major core values.



At Strategian we use tools to identify market trends so as to make prudent tactical choices for each client risk group.

We recognize that certain markets that have previously performed well may no longer provide future growth potential. Therefore we look for domestic and global opportunities with favorable risk-adjusted returns that are suitable for each of our client’s portfolio and set of objectives.

Our collaborative approach seeks to take advantage of changing market and economic conditions.

We can help you make the most of what you have!