Your wealth, Your Future - Our Commitment!

We Are Committed To Helping You Grow Your Assets

We Help You Build A Sustainable Future.

We Are Investment Strategy Specialists.

Integrated Financial Planning

We can provide advice covering a range of areas including:

Wealth Management

Behind every financial plan we design, there is a tailored investment strategy. We have a clear investment philosophy that enables us to cut through the market noise and focus on what is important to you.

Investment Management

We manage your funds on a non-discretionary basis. Our recommendations are transparent and our clients retain total control of their portfolios. Transparency, integrity and experience make Strategian Inc a great choice as your wealth managers.

Financial Planning

Our work will help you identify and define key financial goals, while providing you with customized strategies to help you achieve your goals with open and honest communication. Strategian’s financial planning process is designed to guide you through the changing seasons of life, adapting along the way, and staying focused on what matters most to you.


We look at the big picture, especially Global macroeconomic trends to help us formulate investment strategies for clients. Research and interpretation of data from that research ensures that our asset allocation models reflect market conditions.

Investment Education

Strategian believes in helping investors understand better the investment environment. Information is power when acted upon. We use seminars to demonstrate what to look for, enabling you to formulate investment strategies for your portfolio.


Strategian provides consultancy services to clients so as to help business owners and individuals focus on achieving financial and investment goals.

What We Can Do For You

Financial Advice

Comprehensive and objective advice for all your financial questions

Corporate Consulting

Complete business advice service that covers from idea creation to cash flow forecasting.

Taking the Long View

Global macroeconomic research geared towards our value investment philosophy.

How We Work

Our advice philosophy is simple — we put YOU first

  • As an independent advisor, we do not have a vested interest in specific products or services that can bias our judgment or recommendations.
  • We are a boutique firm and we thrive on building long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Strategian prides itself in working as a team — both internally and with you — offering as much or as little hand holding as you need.
  • We are large enough to offer advice on a broad range of topics, and small enough to provide exceptionally personalized services to our clients.

How to Get Started?

To be an effective partner, we need to know you and your goals

Get in touch

The best way to get started is to simply phone, or contact us via email or contact form.

Initial meeting

It helps us to get know each other and ascertain whether our service will be of benefit for you.

Decide to proceed

We set up a second meeting, which is the start of the planning process…